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Investment Casting Foundry


At Margate Media Blasting Casting Services (MMBCS), we pattern and cast both simple and complex metal components in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for a variety sectors and industries. Over the last 10 years we have become renown in the UK for our quality investment and sand casting products and have become the chosen supplier for both small and large companies and individuals. With our flexibility and in house design and pattern services we have developed a great reputation for both excellence in quality and cost-effective bespoke metal casting production.


Over the last decade we have made use of both traditional hand-made wooden patterns crafted in house to start of the art pattern making from CAD and wax printing enabling us to produce everything from jewellery detailed castings right up to iron castings weighing over 1000kg.  We have made a reputation of both quality, customer care and are highly cost competitive to consumers within the metal casting sector.



We supply our investment castings world-wide and continue to grow as an international metal casting provider having international shipments leaving our warehouse on a weekly basis. We have grown to be a leading business in the industry with a very highly skilled team with both old traditional foundry skills and new state of the art CAD designers and laser wax printers. Whatever your casting requirement from a single tiny component to a large sand casting, please do contact us.


We carry out sand casting, vacuum lost wax investment casting and block casting on a daily basis. Our sand casting facility enables us to cast up to 1000kg in iron bronze and brass and our lost wax investment casting room gives us the capability of casting non-ferrous metals with jewellery like detail down to weights as little as a few grams.


Our casting capabilities enable us to make metal castings to the exact specifications of our customers. We can make your castings from paper drawings to patterns to cast items or use your CAD files to laser print patterns for single use of multiple use. We also have our own CNC workshop to make highly complex patterns in aluminium or machine finished castings to exact specifications. Our casting facility uses the most environmentally friendly solutions to both traditional and modern metal castings techniques.


Whatever your casting requirement our dedicated and highly skilled team can guide you through the world of casting giving you exactly what you require in a timely manner and with the most effective methods available.


We offer a 24hr pick-up
and delivery service for
weights up to 35kg.


Our aim

Margate Media Blasting Services based in Kent, strive to give the best service to their clients. As a result we continue to invested in the latest equipment and technology to ensure we can offer the best sand-blasting service using the highest technology at a competitive and affordable price. Our latest acquisition is the purchase of a Vixen media blasting machine. This gives us the ability to blast small parts in a cabinet thus eliminating the need to take over a whole blast room making running costs much lower. With this product we can media blast with a wide variety of media on a multitude of substrates to remove old paint, staining, oil and oxidation caused by the ravages of time.


Since the installation of our first media blast cabinet (we now have 4) we have also been approached by individuals who have asked us to media blast parts for their motor bike renovations and also parts for classic car renovations. We have been happy to do this and the results have been exceptional. Due to this demand we have decided to offer this service to those involved in bike and car renovation and not only can we media blast your parts making them look as good as new with a perfect finish to prime and paint but we can courier the parts to and from your home or workshop for as little as £5.


Unlike other facilities offering sand and media blasting we can choose from over 12 different media to suit your individual requirements. Different substrates (surface of your parts) require different media to achieve your desired results.

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The importance of surface preparation

The main reason to include a media blasting routine as part of your surface preparation is that leaving it out can prevent the finish from taking hold. Whether you’re painting or adding any other type of finish to an object, it won’t look right unless you prep the surface properly.

When a coating (paint or powder) doesn’t adhere to the substrate, the coating will either not adhere properly and in most cases fail prematurely, requiring unnecessary rework. Beginning with a properly prepared surface prep finish will improve the appearance and functionality of your components.


Sandblasting and abrasive blasting are both terms that refer to the process overall. Prior to the severe safety and health restrictions put on Silica Sand, the term sand blasting was commonly used. Abrasive Blasting is a more general term, and aptly more appropriate because there are a variety of abrasives that may be used in an abrasive blasting process. Each abrasive possesses its own characteristics, and ultimate results. Choosing the appropriate abrasive will produce the results you desire. Allow us to assist in the proper media selection and recommendations to best suit your application and job.

A wide variety of blast media is available. Some of the more common abrasive media include: Starblast, Glass Beads, Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Plastic Abrasives, Aluminium and Steel Shot and Grit, as well as naturally occurring abrasives like Corn Cob and crushed Walnut Shells. Each comes in a range of mesh or grit sizes to produce the desired finish and result.

There are also varying blast methods available depending on your exact requirements.

Additive manufacturing post processing

Together with the media blasting services we offer to clients with metallic components we have also developed an expertise in the post processing of additive manufactured parts commonly termed 3D prints. We have been media blasting 3D prints both for our own pattern making services and for customers for over 2 years now and the results are very pleasing.


Media Blasting as a Post Processing Additive Manufacturing option.

Our media blasting and surface finishing equipment is capable of delivering virtually any type of surface finish required by today’s 3D print or Additive Manufacturer. Our comprehensive selection of media as seen in our media listing gives us many capabilities, from smoothing over (blending) product striation lines, to removing any excess or loosely adhered ceramic or metal particles from laser sintered titanium parts and providing a more paint or coating receptive surface on FDM plastic prototypes by removing the smooth shine and replacing it with a finely controlled textured surface that improves subsequent adhesion on the 3D printed prototypes.

We have worked with all the commonly used filaments in 3d printing including PLA, ABS and Nylon giving very smooth finish in each case and removing print lines that were previously very apparent.



Our Company Profile


Our foundry was founded in 2013 by our current Managing Director, Mr David J. Leahy who now has  over 40 years foundry experience.  Margate Media Blasting and Casting Services (MMBCS) is a company that operates from highly modernised premises at the Investment Casting Centre of the southeast in Margate that boasts a wealth of industrial history, we have easy access to main roads and motorways and all London airports and marine ports.


Our casting technologies include traditional sand casting and also the latest in Vacuum Investment Casting processes, which enables us to utilize advanced manufacturing methods and rapid-prototyping technologies such as 3D printing and laser sintering. These state-of-the-art methods are supported by our quality assurance procedures which in turn gives us the unique ability to produce bespoke (one off’s), very high quality, high precision engineered castings in various metals.


This environmentally friendly process ensures a minimum wastage of materials together with energy and shorter machining times, giving our clients the quality product, they need in a shorter time than would traditionally be expected.


If low volume or one-off unique castings are required than rapid prototyping from CAD files to pattern to cast are the most cost-effective options bar none. The huge versatility of 3D printing to pattern make and then to the investment casting process or commonly called the lost wax process provides an unbeatable method for the effective and economical production of a cast metal component.



In conclusion Margate Media Blasting and Casting Services (MMBCS) can produce cast metal components for a multitude of sectors, from restoration projects to both industrial and commercial applications including automotive, marine and aerospace.


Over our history we have and continue to supply unique bespoke castings to engineering facilities for both modern and historical renovations, such as live steam in both full scale and for model makers. Our foundry has supplied metal castings to high end sport car manufacturers through to metal castings for the marine environment from small boats to luxury super yachts. We have supplied many architectural projects with high tech designs right through to restoration of Victorian house railings. Other sectors we have supplied are the oil and gas sectors both in the UK and abroad and the medical surgical environment.


At Margate Media Blasting and Casting Services (MMBCS) we strive to ensure that our strong company values of customer satisfaction, high quality and cost competitiveness are thoroughly applied to each and every project we are involved with. It is these values that ensure we are always driving forward our in-house innovation, quality, and excellence.


Please contact us for all your metal casting requirements.


Metal casting for your school, college or university projects.

At Margate Media Blasting and Casting Services (MMBCS) we offer the complete service to generate your cast metal components for your school, college or university project.


If you are in academia and require any cast metal components for your studies or research we can help you. We can cast the metal of your choice in a method that you require. We can design the part you require in CAD then make patterns and cast, or use a file CAD that you have to generate a casting in the metal you require.


If you are a teacher lecturer or researcher that requires a cast metal component in any of the common castable metals we can help you. We cast in iron, brass, bronze, aluminium, and many other alloys.


If metal casting is part of your school, college or university project we can help you in many different ways to achieve a successful metal casting.


Surface preparation

Our media blasting services in Margate, Kent have been used in many renovation projects including those of motorcycles, cars, live steam locomotives, traction engines and boats. Our customers come from all walks of life and disciplines. We have regular work from motorbike re-builds as well as car, antique and steam locomotive renovations. If you are unsure if we can help just give us a call.
The fundamental process before any surface finish is applied is substrate preparation. Whether this surface is metallic, plastic, GRP, wood or a non-ferrous metal, without a surface that is free from oxidative corrosion, contamination and dirt the costly surface coverings will not last long. One of the industries most favoured surface preparations of substrates that have a surface oxidation and contamination from previous coatings on them is media blasting.

Types of blasting media

Choosing the appropriate abrasive will produce the results you desire. Allow us to assist you in the proper media selection and recommend to best suit your application and job.
A wide variety of blast media is available to us. Some of the more common abrasive media includes: Starblast, Glass Beads, Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Plastic Abrasives, Aluminium and Steel Shot and Grit, as well as naturally occurring abrasives like Corn Cob and crushed Walnut Shells.
Care of your parts
We are engineers and fabricators by training. We understand the value of your parts and treat everything we receive into the workshop with care and due diligence. We understand the behavior of materials during the media blasting process and do everything we can to ensure your parts are returned to you with the best prepared surface finish possible. We try where possible to turn around all media blasting jobs within 48 hours meaning your projects are not delayed. We also have a 24-hour courier that can pick up your parts and return them to you when finished.




I have used MMBS since my first motorcycle restoration project in 1986. I have needed many items media blasted over the years from body-work panels, frames, engines etc. In all cases the staff at MMBS have been helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly produce great work on time! I will continue to trust Dave and his team! Dan, London.

Dave and his staff at MMBS have always been very helpful and in all cases delivered me a fantastic job at a good price. My car re-builds have been made quicker and to a high quality as a result. Steve, Manchester.

I am always impressed how MMBS have such a highly detailed knowledge of what media to suit what application. MMBS cleaned decades of paint off parts of my GRP speed boat. The surface finish left on the GRP took the new paint exceptionally well. Dave and his guys take sand-blasting to another level. Peter, Ramsgate.

I never knew there was so much to sand-blasting. MMBS have made this into a art-form! They have completed many car parts for me to a great standard. Simon, Enfield.

Incorrectly I often refer to what MMBS offer incorrectly as sand blasting! David corrects me on this as there are so many more media to use in surface preparation. I now pass all my media blasting preparation to MMBS as a small workshop its cheaper to send this to MMBS than to try and replicate their excellent work. John, Nottingham.



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +44 (0) 1843 297 110 or fill out the following form:

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Virgin brown fused aluminum oxide is crushed and sized from certified crude bauxite. We use ALOX which is a tough and durable abrasive blasting media that can be recycled several times. With its chemical properties and aggressive characteristics it has the ability to provide a deep anchor pattern or etch in applications when surface preparation is critical, such as surface profiling for subsequent protective coatings.


We offer aluminum oxide blasting abrasive in standard grit sizes, or specially sized mixtures of grain sizes to meet just about any surface preparation and finishing requirement including:

16, 20, 24, 30, 36, 46, 54, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, & 240 grit.



Chemours™ Starblast™ blasting abrasives are a loose blend range of consistently sized coarse and finer Staurolite sands with clean, rounded surfaces. Chemours mines this superior blasting abrasive from mineral deposits and then washes it to ensure freedom from dirt, dust and ultrafines.

Starblast™ is a general purpose blasting abrasive commonly found in operations such as steel fabrication, bridge maintenance, pre-finish painting/coating applications for the removal of mill scale, rust and failing coatings from steel structures and components. Power companies also use Starblast™ in maintenance operations to minimize the presence of dust that could cause harm to essential equipment. Additionally, Starblast™ is the abrasive of choice for the cleaning of equipment used in hydraulic applications.

Starblast™ XL is less than 1% free crystalline silica thereby meeting some of the most stringent industry and military specifications.



While many types of abrasive media are made using “softer” materials such as plastic, glass beads and even organic materials such as corn cobs and walnut shells, certain blasting processes call for more rugged, durable media that can handle heavy-duty surface preparation and finishing tasks. In particular, shot and steel grit abrasives will provide the extra strength and durability that is needed for the most difficult abrasive blasting challenges.

Look no further than Margate Media Blasting Services for a complete line of safe and effective steel abrasives, including steel shot and grit. We offer the best steel shot and steel grit solutions for our clients in industries such as auto manufacturing, metallurgy, construction and petrochemical manufacturing. We carry both steel shot and grit in a wide range of sizes and hardness levels. Allow us an opportunity to assist you with the proper steel shot/grit selection for your application and to use it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.



Glass beads are another option for your abrasive blasting and finishing applications.  The performance benefits of glass beads are vast.


Ideal for metal cleaning, surface finishing, peening and deburring.  Its recyclability makes it an economical choice to remove many different types of surface imperfections, including burrs, rust, paint removal while maintaining the surface tolerance of your work piece. Finishing Systems also stocks a vast inventory of various types of abrasive blasting media regardless of your blasting application.



Silicon carbide media is even harder than aluminum oxide. In fact, synthetic silicon carbide is the hardest abrasive blasting media in use today. Silicon carbide offers the benefit of an extremely fast cutting speed, which, when combined with its hardness, allows for much shorter blasting times. This results in a lower per-hour cost than most other abrasive media types. As with aluminum oxide blast media, silicon carbide is available in a range of grit sizes.

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